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… imagine a software solution where you can take care of all business tasks in one consistent process. 

eGECKO Business Software

Benefit from eGECKO as the only fully integrated all-in-one mid-sized business solution for accounting, controlling and human resources - based on the latest technology standards. It simplifies business processes for companies of all sizes andfor any industry,  guaranteeing an integrated solution without interfaces. Additionally, eGECKO offers all-in-one ERP solutions for specific industries.


Standardise your commercial operating cycles to fulfill the growing demands of banks, auditors and others - at the push of a button.

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When making decisions, benefit from fast and direct access to all relevant company data and their individual evaluations.

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Shorten HR routines and establish transparent and precise data to strengthen your most important assets - your employees.

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Get started with eGECKO's product portfolio and our all-in-one ERP solutions for selected industries.

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Focussed and efficient business solutions

Decades of experience in developing business software have led to broad solutions for all industries, as well as industry-specific all-in-one software solutions.

ERP Komplettlösung: Projektdienstleister – CSS AG
Project services

Profit as the project leader from the process-oriented consistency of all business requirements. Be that from the distribution stage via detailed project planning and execution to project completion.

ERP Komplettlösung: Vereine & Verbände – CSS AG
Clubs & Organisations

The fully integrated all-in-one solution supports clubs, organisations, associations, guilds, etc. from A to Z in all processes of their organisation: Starting from the entry of new members, including all formalities concerning their administration and billing to their campaign management. 

ERP Komplettlösung: Druck & Verlage – CSS AG
Print & Publishing Houses

The all-in-one solution has been specifically adapted to the individual needs of daily newspaper publishers to streamline and optimise internal business procedures: from subscriber administration and marketing via the overall logistic  to payroll accounting and invoicing. 

ERP Komplettlösung: Gesundheits- & Sozialwesen – CSS AG
Health & Social Services

eGECKO optimises your business procedures in accordance with PBV - from grant administration and correspondence with special fields via E-Balance and SEPA, to transparent structural organisation in cost accounting and management of charitable contributions.

ERP Komplettlösung: Labore & Forschungseinrichtungen – CSS AG
Laboratories & Research Institutes

eGECKO LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System) covers all aspects of modern laboratory management - including sample management of results recording to accounting.

ERP Komplettlösung: Nahrung & Genuss – CSS AG
Food & Pleasure

Our software supports all commercial processes in the food and indulgence industry, which shortens work processes and makes your work more efficient. You gain time for the really important tasks in your area.

The right ERP solution for your industry

In principle, eGECKO is a business solution for all industries which can be easily implemented into existing ERP landscapes. Please get in touch with us if you can't find your industry in the listing of eGECKO all-in-one solutions - together with our partners we will find the suitable all-in-one solution for you!

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Get more mobility in your daily business routines with the eGecko App

Keep an eye on your most important business data any time. Our app is directly connected to your basic eGECKO system and gives you more freedom in your business life at once.

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Fast and Productive Changeover During Operation

Benefit from our comprehensive service right from the start for a smooth use of eGECKO accounting: In this way, the introduction and installation of eGECKO during operation can be carried out quickly and easily, and all data is securely transferred during the transfer of legacy data.

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Certification for eGECKO Accounting by KPMG

The auditing company KPMG issues the certificate for the software audit of the eGECKO Business Software with its basic modules Financial Accounting, Fixed Asset Accounting as well as Document Archive: The eGECKO processing functions as well as the internal control system of the program allow an accounting according to German commercial law and tax law regularity as well as indexing, storage and retrieval of electronic documents.

GKV Certificate of the ITSG GmbH for eGECKO Human Resources

With this certificate, eGECKO Human Resources guarantees maximum security for payroll accounting, as well as a very user-friendly service. All requirements for plausability checks and the automated management of relevant processes in payroll accounting, reporting procedures and data transfers are complied with, following DEÜV guidelines.

Do you wish any further information?

We would be pleased to support and advise you in the conversion to eGECKO - free of charge and without obligation. Please simply let us know what you require.



André Reichenthaler – CSS AG
André Reichenthaler
Regional Sales Manager West,
Branch Manager Düsseldorf
Bernd Klüh – CSS AG
Bernd Klüh
Regional Sales Manager North,
Branch Manager Hamburg
René Baudzus – CSS AG
René Baudzus
Head of Sales CSS AG,
Branch Manager Munich,
Branch Manager Berlin
Birgitta Custer – CSS AG
Birgitta Custer
Branch Manager Villingen-Schwenningen,
Regional Sales Manager South
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