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Take advantage of our flexible cloud models and use the guaranteed security of a certified German data center.

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Full customisation according to your wishes

Choose the application amongst our flexible cloud models that best fits your needs: Besides eGECKO as an in-house installation, you can use it as a Managed Services application in the cloud or a mixture of both - benefit from the advantages of both models.

eGECKO Managed Services

We offer to host your eGECKO services in our certified German data center. Hardware and your personal IT resources become unnecessary. Access eGECKO from anywhere, at any given time via your browser and a secure connection.

You also benefit from the following additional cloud services:

  • Updates & guaranteed timeliness of eGECKO
  • Data backup and fast recovery in case of failure
  • The latest and customizable platform services
  • Highest security and access protection
  • and many more.

Advantages through combination

Benefit from the advantages of the eGECKO Hybrid Cloud. 

You arelady us an ERP / Commodities Management system, run it in your local IT infrastructure and would like to complement it with eGECKO as commercial solutions? Or would you like to operate eGECKO partly in-house and partially in the cloud?

We are happy to advise you about the advantages and possibilities of the individual variants.

Android, iOS & Windows Phone

Use not only the eGECKO next web solution but also specifically developed mobile applications (apps) for quick editing, sharing and accessing of data and documents. The portfolio currently includes the following apps, many more are already being developed:

  • Travel Expense Recording
  • Personnel Time Management
  • Personnel Information
  • Vacation Management
  • Billing
  • Project Controlling
  • CRM Business Partner 

To mobile applications

Resource friendly

We relieve your own IT through an externally powered data center of the highest quality.

Flexible models & variations

Our access, licence and maintenance models are individually tailored for you and can be adapted to new needs and requirements at anytime.

Transparency & Cost Control

Benefit from a stable cost structure and gain planning security.

24/7 accessibility of your data

You have access to your business data and indicators anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed timeliness of eGECKO

We install all updates and innovations in your eGECKO system - without any hassle for you.

Certified & secure with Cloud hosted in Germany

Highest physical security and efficiency ensure fast and reliable connections.

We support your everyday mobility with eGECKO online and in the app.

Access your data anytime and from anywhere. No matter whether you use PC, MAC, Android, iOS or Windows Phone - access your data across all platforms via web browser.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data hosted?

Our German data center operator is equipped with the highest physical security and efficient building and energy management. Direct fiber connections to the German Internet secure fast and reliable connections.

How can I access the cloud?

You can accessed the cloud through a secure connection via eGECKO and your web browser.

How is my data security guaranteed?

The data center is subject to the German law, which gives you security particularly in the field of data protection. It has been subjected to TÜV certified data protection and IT security audits and is checked continuously according to BDSG. 24/7 security of the data center, access control and separation systems also contribute to the safety concept.

What services are available in the cloud?
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Monitoring of the computing operation
  • Rapid recovery in case of failure
  • CSS AG takes care of maintenance
  • Guaranteed timeliness of eGECKO Updates
Are there different language versions of the cloud?

The cloud offers you the same language versions as a local installation.

Further information

Why is eGECKO On Demand now called eGECKO Cloud or eGECKO Managed Service?

CSS' cloud solution is called eGECKO Managed Services. CSS AG thus combines all the benefits of a classic on-demand operation (data center) with the services of Saas (Software as a Service).

Do you wish any further information?

We would be pleased to support and advise you in the conversion to eGECKO - free of charge and without obligation. Please simply let us know what you require.

André Reichenthaler – CSS AG
André Reichenthaler
Regional Sales Manager West,
Branch Manager Düsseldorf
Bernd Klüh – CSS AG
Bernd Klüh
Regional Sales Manager North,
Branch Manager Hamburg
René Baudzus – CSS AG
René Baudzus
Head of Sales CSS AG,
Branch Manager Munich,
Branch Manager Berlin
Birgitta Custer – CSS AG
Birgitta Custer
Branch Manager Villingen-Schwenningen,
Regional Sales Manager South
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